Inspectors Dalziel & Pascoe Books In Order

Author: Reginald Hill


A Clubbable Woman (1970)

An Advancement of Learning (1971)

Ruling Passion (1973)

An April Shroud (1975)

A Pinch of Snuff (1978)

A Killing Kindness (1980)

Deadheads (1983)

Exit Lines (1984)

Child’s Play (1986)

Under World (1988)

Bones and Silence (1990)

One Small Step (novella) (1990)

Recalled to Life (1992)

Pictures of Perfection (1994)

The Wood Beyond (1995)

On Beulah Height (1998)

Asking For The Moon (short stories) (1996)

Arms and the Women (1999)

Dialogues of the Dead (2001)

Death’s Jest-Book (2002)

Good Morning, Midnight (2004)

Death Comes for the Fat Man (2007)

A Cure for All Diseases (2008)

Midnight Fugue (2009)


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