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  • Kindle Oasis – Now Read In The Shower Or Ocean

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    The latest Kindle, the Kindle Oasis, has more features than it’s predecessors which is not unusual, but it also brings yet another dimension to reading – it’s waterproof. Yes, it can tolerate water up to 2 meters deep, which unfortunately takes you deep sea divers out of it, and withstand being underwater for a whole […]

  • Deals On The Kindle Paperwhite

    For readers of detective books this year they can be incredibly rewarding thanks to the offers available on Kindle. Why Kindle and why the Kindle Paperwhite? That’s what I used to ask before I, admittedly reluctantly, got dragged into this century and purchased my first Kindle. The model I have chosen is the Kindle Paperwhite. […]

  • Kindle – Get The Free Reading App


    The Amazon Kindle Reader is an amazing way to read my British mystery books, but many people still don’t want to, or can’t afford to, pay out the money. As more and more titles are getting harder to find in hard copy, a download has become the only viable option for some titles. Now, Amazon […]

  • British Detective Books – A New Way Of Reading

    Have you tried reading an e-book? Like it or not, technology keeps advancing and now even people like myself are learning to adapt. I still enjoy reading paperbacks but more and more bookstores are only stocking the very latest and fastest-moving titles. I was recently in a very large chain’s store looking, as ever, for […]