edinburgh rebus

Inspector Rebus Books In Order

Author : Ian Rankin

Knots and Crosses (1987)

Hide and Seek (1991)

Tooth and Nail (1992)

Strip Jack (1992)

The Black Book (1993)

Mortal Causes (1994)

Let It Bleed(1995)

Black and Blue(1997)

The Hanging Garden(1998)

Dead Souls(1999)

Set in Darkness(2000)

The Falls(2001)

Resurrection Man(2002)

A Question of Blood(2003)

Fleshmarket Alley(2004)

The Naming of the Dead(2006)

Exit Music(2007)

Standing in Another Man’s Grave(2012)

Saints of the Shadow Bible(2014)

Even Dogs in the Wild(2016)

Rather Be The Devil(2017)

In A House Of Lies (2018)

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