British Detective Stories – The Audible Versions

Changing Times

My favourite method of enjoying these magnificent stories remains to sit down with a paperback in my favourite chair, but due to frequent travelling, I tend to do most of my reading on a plane – this at least makes flying more tolerable and pleasant.

As with so many people nowadays, time seems to be increasingly scarce. I make at least two lengthy car journeys a week of five hours each and, after becoming rather tired of listening to music, I tried something I never thought I would do – I downloaded an Audiobook.

I always felt this was sacrilegious!  One Audiobook later and I was hooked! My previously boring car journeys are now something I actually look forward to, and the subject of this site, British Detective Books, are the perfect kind of stories to listen to and keep you tuned in.

I chose Audible because it had by far the best selection, was easy to sign up for and due to it being part of Amazon, is reliable, professional and downloads are easy. It also has a rather incredible return policy (yes, you can return an Audible book for a refund). I personally returned two books – one because it was so terrible that I gave up listening after about an hour, and the second because I realized that I had read the book previously. I’m sure that Audible, quite rightly, makes sure that this return policy is not abused, but my two refunds were hassle-free.

Whether driving, working out at the gym, walking or jogging, I always use these opportunities to listen to a great book.






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