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When it comes to finding something good to read, I look to the mystery section and seek out British Detective Books because, for me, they are simply the the best mystery books on the planet.

There just seems to be something about the history, the idiosyncrasies of the people and the ambience of Britain that sets these stories apart from the rest. To have traveled there can be a great asset when picturing some of the settings used, but it is not crucial to the enjoyment or the ability to immerse yourself into the atmosphere created by the authors. In fact, many of the authors featured here are from the USA but, such is the depth of their research into and experience of Britain and the British way of life, that you would never know they were not native to those islands.

Why We Built This British Mystery Books Site

This site will attempt to discuss the best British detective series and detective stories set in Britain. I have been an avid reader of such books since my early teens starting with Agatha Christie novels and over the years I have also watched countless TV shows and DVDs from this wonderful genre.

Living in North America, it has been difficult at times to find titles from authors whose works have not yet been made into a TV series that is broadcast on this side of the Atlantic.I have often, as have many of my friends, found myself in the position of having read all the books of my (at the time) favorite authors and almost dreading the thought that I might not find another author that I will like. I spent a lot of time, and a bit of money, looking around but I did find them, There were a few “dogs” also where I didn’t make it past Chapter 4 or 5 that ended up gathering dust in my closet until I gave them away to a local charity shop. I also handed over a small cash donation because I felt sorry for the poor sods that ended up reading them.

Anyway, my hope is to build this site into a real place of reference for those of you with an interest in these great stories, and a site that will highlight the amazing volume and variety of authors in this wonderful genre. It will take time but I am sure that with your feedback, it will be a fine resource for all.

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