British Detective Books – A New Way Of Reading

Have you tried reading an e-book?
Like it or not, technology keeps advancing and now even people like myself are learning to adapt. I still enjoy reading paperbacks but more and more bookstores are only stocking the very latest and fastest-moving titles.

I was recently in a very large chain’s store looking, as ever, for a few British Detective books to take with me on a hastily arranged vacation, and was very disappointed with the lack of selection available – maybe 4 or 5 Ian Rankin books, 5 Peter Robinson, 3 Ruth Rendell, many famous authors had even less!

I often order through Amazon (of which I am a great proponent as is obvious from my site) as they do have the best selection and I can usually wait the few days required for delivery. Now, thanks to a fellow passenger on my latest flight, I have discovered “e-reading”, bringing me to almost total “geekiness”.

I was amazed – here is why:-

  • Easy on your eyes–touchscreen display that reads like real paper.
  • Unlike tablets, no screen glare, even in bright sunlight.
  • A single battery charge lasts weeks, not hours.
  • Lose yourself in a book–Kindle doesn’t distract you with social media, emails, and text messages.
  • Lighter than a paperback, holds thousands of books.
  • Massive book selection, lowest prices–over a million titles less than $2.99.
  • Remember – instantly downloaded. no waiting.
  • Try Kindle Unlimited free for 30 days–choose from over 1 million titles






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