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  • Elly Griffiths

    Elly Griffiths

    Domenica de Rosa, better known as Elly Griffiths, is a globally acclaimed British crime-fiction novelist. She’s most widely recognized for her Ruth Galloway and Edgar Stephens mystery novel series. Born and raised in England Griffiths diverted from being an editorial director for children’s books to writing some of the most captivating crime-thriller novels of the […]

  • Anne Perry

    Anne Perry

    Anne Perry – Detectives Thomas Pitt and William Monk Anne Perry is an internationally acclaimed English novelist who is widely recognized for her bestselling Thomas Pitt and William Monk detective novels. Born in London, Perry’s life itself makes for a story that wouldn’t seem out of place in a crime fiction novel. With a massive […]

  • DI Charlie Resnick – Books In Order

    DI Charlie Resnick – Books In Order

    Author: John Harvey Check Out The Charlie Resnick Series on Amazon Here Lonely Hearts (1989) Rough Treatment (1990) Cutting Edge (1991) Off Minor (1992) Wasted Years (1993) Cold Light (1994) Living Proof (1995) Easy Meat (1996) Still Water (1997) Last Rites (1998) Cold in Hand (2008) Darkness, Darkness (2014)

  • DS Logan McRae Books In Order

    DS Logan McRae Books In Order

    Author: Stuart MacBride   CHECK OUT THE SERIES OF BOOKS AT AMAZON HERE…   Cold Granite (2005) Dying Light (2006) Bloodshot (2007) Flesh House (2008) Blind Eye (2009) Dark Blood (2010) Shatter The Bones (2011) Close to the Bone (2013) The Missing and the Dead (2015) In the Cold Dark Ground (2016) The Blood Road […]

  • Richard Jury – Books In Order

    Richard Jury – Books In Order

    Author: Martha Grimes   Check Out The Richard Jury Series Of Books On Amazon Here    The Man With a Load of Mischief (1981)  The Old Fox Deceiv’d (1982) The Anodyne Necklace (1983) The Dirty Duck (1984) Jerusalem Inn (1984) Help the Poor Struggler (1985) The Deer Leap (1985) I Am the Only Running Footman […]

  • Martha Grimes – Richard Jury

    Martha Grimes – Richard Jury

    You may have read many critically acclaimed detective novels, but it’s likely that you haven’t come across many characters like Richard Jury. Authored by Martha Grimes, who at the time of writing is now 86 years of age, the Richard Jury series of novels are often referred to as “cozy crime fiction.” But what does […]

  • Kindle Oasis – Now Read In The Shower Or Ocean

    Kindle Oasis – Now Read In The Shower Or Ocean

    The latest Kindle, the Kindle Oasis, has more features than it’s predecessors which is not unusual, but it also brings yet another dimension to reading – it’s waterproof. Yes, it can tolerate water up to 2 meters deep, which unfortunately takes you deep sea divers out of it, and withstand being underwater for a whole […]

  • Roy Grace – Books in Order

    Roy Grace – Books in Order

    Author – Peter James   See the Roy Grace Novels at Amazon……….. Dead Simple (2005) Looking Good Dead (2006) Not Dead Enough (2007) Dead Man’s Footsteps (2008) Dead Tomorrow (2009) Dead Like You (2010) Dead Man’s Grip (2011) Not Dead Yet (2012) Dead Man’s Time (2013) Want You Dead (2014) You Are Dead (2015) Love […]

  • Peter James – Roy Grace

    Peter James – Roy Grace

    Peter James is one of the most flamboyant crime fiction writers of the 21st century, and true crime fiction aficionados must already be familiar with his work. If you are among the few who have not come across his work, then you should immediately get on with it, once you are done reading this article. […]

  • Inspector Frost – Books In Order

    Inspector Frost – Books In Order

    Author: R.D. Wingfield Frost At Christmas  (1984) A Touch Of Frost  (1987) Night Frost  (1992) Hard Frost  (1995) Winter Frost  (1999) A Killing Frost  (2008) The following novels were written, with the consent of the Wingfield family, under the pseudonym of James Henry. First Frost  (2011) Fatal Frost  (2012) Morning frost  (2013)   Check Out […]